Woman using 4G Telehealth tablet

Penn Medicine's 4G telehealth tablets include all of HRS’ Health Management Programs, reporting sessions and a camera with photo sharing and video chat capabilities. This device eliminates the need for a landline, WiFi or Internet access, as it is constantly connected to a 4G cellular network.

The tablet is customized with a patients’ medications, reminders, educational videos, and dietary information, and integrated with wireless PulseOximeters, BP monitors, thermometers, scales, and glucometers, with subsequent data being monitored in real-time by nurses.

The 4G telehealth tablets offers: 

  • The ability to measure weight, blood pressure, heart rate and SPO2 recorded via Bluetooth
  • A series of subjective questions related to symptoms
  • Data that is transmitted to a central secure web portal
  • Biometric data that is reviewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by a telehealth nurse at Penn E-lert®
  • The ability to upload educational videos and medication reminders
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