Penn Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) is well funded for conducting research aimed at promoting clinical excellence, optimizing outcomes for patients, and developing and improving treatments in the area of rehabilitation medicine.

The Latest Research in Rehabilitation Medicine

At Penn, new research discoveries are being realized in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation that promote independent living and empower patients with disabilities to improve the quality of their life. These ongoing research areas include:

  • Statistical modeling, measurement and development of patient classification systems.
  • Establishment of staging systems that address the effects of medical conditions on quality of life and the ability of patients to care for themselves.
  • The development of therapeutic tools for enhancing a patients understanding of their recovery process.
  • The study of comprehensive rehabilitation services on patient outcomes following amputation.
  • Using a bio-psycho-ecological model that focuses on the interactions between patients and their environment as contributing factors to their illness or disability.
  • Outcome studies evaluating the optimal post acute setting for rehabilitation for patients with amputations.
  • Prosthetic engineering to improve the function, comfort and adjustability of prosthetic devices at a lower cost and with reduced fabrication time.
  • Research assessing women's musculoskeletal health including pelvic floor disorders and the female athlete triad.
  • Rehabilitation robotics for persons with strokes and brain injuries at the Penn Rehabilitation Robotics Lab.
  • Cellular assessment of the underlying mechanisms for low back pain and injury.
  • The Gait and Biomechanics Laboratory focuses on motion and gait analysis research.

Learn more about research activities and expertise in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Penn and read An Analysis of Recovery Preference.

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