Cardiovascular Research at Penn

Penn CVI has been extremely successful throughout its history in obtaining grants and other funding. 

Penn Medicine has an externally funded research budget of nearly $600 million and currently ranks third in the nation in National Institute of Health (NIH) support.

NIH funding to Penn Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) faculty members has quickly grown throughout the program’s existence. Over the past decade, grant awards to support cardiovascular research at Penn have nearly doubled.

From FY09 to FY11, Penn CVI investigators were also awarded additional stimulus grants with an astounding 42% success rate (NIH funding is on average awarded at 10 percent). These stimulus grants were targeted towards institutions that promote translational research.

This level of funding at the highest caliber of scientific grant awards for translational research shows that CVI has leveraged its limited resources to great effect, poising Penn faculty to lead the nation in translation medicine.

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