Cardiovascular Research at Penn

Learn more about the Penn Cardiovascular Institute leadership, administration and staff.

The Penn Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) leadership is comprised of four distinguished clinician-scientists. Together, they lead more than 125 faculty members at Penn who describe their primary research area as cardiovascular biology or cardiovascular medicine.

Penn CVI Leadership

Michael S. Parmacek, MD
Chair, Department of Medicine and Director, Penn CVI

Michael A. Acker, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiac Surgery

Jonathan A. Epstein, MD
Scientific Director, Penn CVI

Daniel J. Rader, MD
Scientific Director of Translational and Clinical Research, Penn CVI

Penn Cardiovascular Institute Internal Advisory Committee

The strategic focus and direction of the Penn CVI is overseen by the CVI Internal Advisory Committee. The committee includes senior faculty members from multiple departments, centers, institutes and schools at the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael A. Acker, MD
William Maul Measey Professor of Surgery
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Surgery
Director, Heart and Vascular Service Line

Thomas Cappola, MD, ScM
Herbert C. Rorer Associate Professor in Medical Sciences
Chief, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine

Robert Carpick, PhD
John Henry Towne Professor
Department Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Jonathan Epstein, MD
Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer, Perelman School of Medicine Scientific
Director, Penn Cardiovascular Institute
Director, Molecular Cardiology Research Center, Division of Cardiology William
Wikoff Smith Professor of Cardiovascular Research
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

Garret FitzGerald, MD
Director, Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics
Associate Dean for Translational Research
Robert L. McNeil, Jr., Professor in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics
Professor of Pharmacology
Chair, Department of Pharmacology

J. Kevin Foskett, PhD
Isaac Ott Professor of Physiology
Chair, Department of Physiology
Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology

Daniel J. Rader, MD
Seymour Gray Professor of Molecular Medicine
Professor of Pharmacology and Genetics
Director, Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics 
Director, Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine and Lipid Clinic 
Program Director, General Clinical Research Center
Chair, Department of Genetics

Mitchell Schnall, MD, PhD
Eugene P. Pendergrass Professor of Radiology
Chair, Department of Radiology

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