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Penn ophthalmologists are pioneers in research and in patient care. Learn about the diverse and winding paths that took them to where they are today. 

  • Dr. Katowitz examining patient

    William Katowitz, MD

    Meet Dr. Katowitz: a musician turned pediatric oculoplastic and orbital surgeon.

  • Brucker_With_Patient

    Alexander Brucker, MD

    Dr. Brucker is recognized for his commitment to his patients, his students, and the advancement of retina research and care.

  • Nichols_Headshot

    Charles Nichols, MD

    Over his 52 year career, Dr. Nichols has transformed the lives of countless patients, students, and colleagues.

  • Cidecyian_Lab

    Artur Cideciyan, PhD

    Dr. Cideciyan applies the rigor of mathematics and innovative engineering to the understanding of genetic forms of blindness.

  • Dr. Jessica Morgan

    Jessica Morgan, PhD

    Dr. Jessica Morgan is on the front line of integrating high-resolution imaging into clinical care for blinding retinal diseases.

  • Maureen Maguire, PhD

    Maureen Maguire, PhD

    Meet Maureen Maguire, PhD, the founder and Director of the Center for Preventative Ophthalmology and Biostatistics at Penn.

  • Dr. Vivian Lee

    Vivian Lee, MD

    Dr. Lee leads ocular pathology research, seeking to develop treatments that enhance the healing of superficial wounds.

  • Dr. David Brainard

    David Brainard, PhD

    Dr. Brainard leads vision researchers as the RRL Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Vision Research Center at UPenn.

  • Dr. Thomasine Gorry

    Thomasine Gorry, MD

    Dr. Gorry serves as the Co-Chair of the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania Quality Domain and promotes quality and safety at Scheie.

  • Dr. Gui-shuang Ying

    Gui-shuang Ying, PhD

    Dr. Ying advances biostatistics at Scheie, focusing on both data analysis and the overall design and conduct of research.

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