The Translational Research activities of the OCRC encompass:
  1. The ovarian cancer advanced therapeutics program, where new treatment approaches are developed to increase women’s chances for cure with emphasis on immune and gene therapy.
  2. The ovarian cancer early detection and prevention program  where new detection serum diagnostics (blood tests) and molecular imaging technologies, as well as new prevention methods are being developed.
  3. The ovarian cancer biology and pathogenesis program, which has a more fundamental discovery focus, with the aim to understand the pathogenesis and biology of ovarian cancer and feed the other two programs with ideas and information from which detection, prevention and therapeutic tools can be developed.



  • Katrina Armstrong, MD, MSCE
  • Gwenn Danet-Desnoyers, MD
  • Chaitanya Divgi, MD
  • Michael Feldman, MD
  • Jerry Glickson, PhD
  • John Lambris, PhD
  • Stephan Master, MD
  • Anatoliy Popov
  • Tim Rebbeck, PhD
  • Jim Riley, PhD
  • David W. Speicher, PhD
  • Bob Vonderheide, PhD
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