Department of Radiology

Research of the Laboratory for Structural NMR Imaging is aimed at quantitatively characterizing tissue microarchitecture and its relationship to physiology and function by means of spatially resolved nuclear magnetic resonance in animals and humans. A major focus of the laboratory is the development of new methods for the quantitative assessment of metabolic bone disease by means of the MR-based "virtual bone biopsy" and image-based computational biomechanics. A secondary line of research focuses on the quantification of carotid artery disease and its implications on brain perfusion.

Additional in-house and collaborative research projects include: the further development of novel non-Cartesian imaging techniques for cancer staging in the abdomen and chest, the study of neuronal architecture in spinal cord injury models by means of diffusion diffraction NMR, and the development of novel RF coil hardware for ultra-high field MRI.

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