Department of Radiology

The Center for Biomedical Image Computing and Analytics (CBICA) at the University of Pennsylvania has dedicated resources, including a core of software developers, to facilitate open-source software dissemination. CBIG is committed to advancing research by making publicly available datasets and software analytics acquired and/or developed by on-going research studies. We provide access to software developed by CBIG, which is now available for public release.

Laboratory for Individualized Breast Radiodensity Assessment (LIBRA)

LIBRA is a fully-automatic breast density estimation software solution based on a published algorithm that works on either raw (i.e., "FOR PROCESSING") or vendor post-processed (i.e., "FOR PRESENTATION") mammography images from a variety of mammography vendors. Based on an algorithm published in Medical Physics, LIBRA has been applied to over 30,000 screening exams and is being increasingly utilized in larger studies.

For more information and to access the software, please visit:

Digital mammogram and automated dense tissue segmentation by LIBRA
Example of a digital mammogram and the automated dense tissue segmentation by LIBRA
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