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Instructions for Completing SAIF Application

  1. Login to the Path BioResource website: by clicking on the "PI-Principal Investigator" item in the left column and then entering your PennKey.
  2. Click on the "Manage Studies/Protocols" button at the top of the page and review the list of protocols under the heading "Protocol Project Study Assignment" on resulting page. If the IACUC protocol for the current application is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the protocol number, title and expiration date and then click the "Add new protocol button". If the study does not employ animals, proceed to step 4. Note that studies not employing animals will automatically be assigned a protocol number beginning with the letter A.
  3. Make sure that all of the personnel listed on the IACUC protocol are listed below the "Authorize Members" title bar. The users of SAIF resources will be selected from this list of staff members. If any personnel are missing, add them to the list by entering their PennID in the field provided and clicking on the "Assign" button. Use the check boxes provided to assign members to the project. Click on the "Change members" to save the personnel assignments.
  4. Select the target IACUC protocol from the pull-down menu at the top of the page and click on the "Apply" button. If the study will not employ animals, select the “No IACUC” option from the pull-down menu. Complete all relevant fields in the application form. Note that sub-fields for each modality are only displayed if the modality is selected first. Click on the "Submit SAIF" button after completing the form page.
  5. Correct any errors in the application and review the application summary. After making all corrections click the "Finalize Application" button to submit the application.
  6. Email all supporting documents (IACUC protocol and amendments, IACUC approval letter, etc.) to the SAIF administrative assistant:
  7. Save your IACUC protocol from ARIES as a PDF.
    Instructions for electronic submission
  8. Before receiving final SAIF approval, the PI must assign a funding source to the study before using the facility. To do so, the PI should login into the Path BioResource Web site, locate the protocol under the "Billing Project & Study Assignment" heading, and select the funding source from the pull-down menu under the "Available Projects" subheading. Note: this process will be completed by SAIF staff for those projects requesting PRODEV funds.

    Detailed Instructions


Application Contact
Marcia Shinn
University of Pennsylvania
3620 Hamilton Walk
B100 John Morgan Building
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-573-7678

Business Office Contact
William D'Arcy
3600 Market Street, Suite 360
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: 215-349-8423
Email: william.d'

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