Department of Radiology

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow for the completion of your registration paperwork.
  • Stay NPO for six hours prior to your scheduled time. This means eating or drinking nothing except plain water, this includes non sugar-free gum and candies. Most medications can still be taken as long as they can be safely taken on an empty stomach. If you have any questions about whether a particular medication may cause problems with your scan please call 215-662-7662, if you are scheduled for a PET scan, or 215-662-3051, if you are scheduled for any other Nuclear Medicine scan.
  • Speak to your doctor prior to your PET scan about an anti-anxiety medication if you are claustrophobic.

Scheduling a Clinical PET or PET/CT Scan

Call Radiology scheduling at 215-662-3000. When speaking with a scheduler have all patient information, including insurance information together.

Tell the scheduler the Resource Code (if there is a preference) and Procedure Code (codes are listed below) for the PET (or PET/CT) procedure being scheduled. Ensure that the patient has a signed script for the procedure being requested.

Resource Codes (Scanner Codes) for PET and PET/CT Scanners

  • Allegro – HUP PET Scanner: PET1
  • Gemini TF – HUP PET/CT Scanner: PET2
  • Gemini TF BigBore – PCAM PET/CT Scanner: C202

Procedure Codes for PET Studies

  • Brain Study
    • PTBM – PET Brain Metabolic Imaging (PET1, PET2, C202)
    • Cardiac Study
      • PMPM – PET Myocardial Perfusion, Multiple Images w/ Rb-82 (C202)
      • PMMS – PET Myocardial Metabolic Imaging, Single Image w/ FDG (PET1, PET2, C202)
      • PET-Only (no CT) Body Study
        • PTST – PET Skull-to-Thigh (PET1)
        • PTWB – PET Whole-Body (PET1)
        • PTLD – PET Limited View (PET1)
        • PET/CT (non-diagnostic CT) Body Study
          • PTSC – PET/CT Skull-to-Thigh (PET2, C202)
          • PTWC – PET/CT Whole-Body (PET2, C202)
          • PTLC – PET/CT Limited View (PET2, C202)
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