Department of Radiology

Read about the CACTIS scheduling procedures for both human study subjects and animal study subjects.

All human research studies are to be conducted between the hours of 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. It is the responsibility of the study team to recruit subjects, even if radiology coordinator services are utilized.

All volunteers must be scheduled according to CACTIS instructions provided by the CACTIS Coordinator.

Human Study Subjects

Once an investigator’s protocol has full approval, and the BEN account number for the research study has been forwarded to CACTIS and confirmed by the investigator’s department business administrator, the CACTIS Coordinator will email instructions for patient scheduling.

Please Note: When using the CACTIS service center, a family account does not to be created for the CT portion of the protocol. However, if the study requires other radiology exams (i.e., chest x-ray) a family account will need to be established for the other studies.

All CACTIS billing is done through the CACTIS Coordinator, not the hospital. Therefore correct scheduling is essential. The billing/discount/research code for scheduling all CACTIS patients is "CACTIS". Failure to utilize this code will result in the hospital system billing the patients insurance for the study. To avoid billing errors email the CACTIS Coordinator all patient information prior to the study date to allow for patient entry into IDXrad.

The CACTIS Coordinator will need notification of all patients scheduled under your study to ensure proper billing by the third Friday of the month.

Animal Studies

  1. Contact Deborah Arnold via email requesting a date and time for animal research. All requests should provide the amount of time required per case and be made at least one week in advance.
  2. All IACUC documentation should be completed, including the animal transfer letter.
  3. Only personnel who have their certification in radiography/fluoroscopy are permitted to operate the CT scanners.

All animal/specimen/phantom scheduling requests must be sent to the CACTIS Coordinator.

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