Department of Radiology

Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Our department provides a full academic learning environment at one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world in a setting that fosters the close interpersonal relationships optimal for graduate medical training. Our experienced faculty are dedicated professionals who derive satisfaction from teaching – the opportunity to teach is the reason that we are here.

Pennsylvania Hospital

We warmly welcome your interest in the Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program at Pennsylvania Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. We hope to provide an overview of the educational advantages you would derive by training at our institution – America's first hospital. We have designed our program to offer you all you will need to develop into a highly skilled radiologist.

Outstanding education and teaching have always been paramount at our hospital throughout its more than 250-year history; in fact, graduate medical education in America began here!

While this website can provide an overview and some facts, it cannot convey the full spirit of commitment and dedication we feel toward our residents. Enjoy navigating our site and learning about us. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions and sincerely invite you to apply.

Medical students seeking information on elective courses at Pennsylvania Hospital can visit our Medical Student Electives section for course and application details.

Application Process and Interviews

Learn about the application process and the policies and procedures for our diagnostic radiology program at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Program Description

Our diagnostic radiology residency program is solely focused on the education and welfare of our residents at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Medical Student Electives

We offer two electives for medical students at Pennsylvania Hospital; these electives are open to visiting medical students as well as University of Pennsylvania medical students.

Organizational Leadership

Our faculty and leadership have extensive experience in a variety of clinical specialties and divisions to help our residency students through their academic career.

Residency Program Benefits

We offer extensive benefits to the residents in our diagnostic radiology residency program at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Fellowship Placements

Most of the graduates from our residency program pursue fellowship training upon completion of the residency. The following is a list of fellowship positions obtained by each class since 2007.

Current Residents

The residency program at Pennsylvania Hospital attracts exceptional talent from all over the world.

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