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The Penn Medicine Radiology Residency: Making History!

As of July 2020, Penn Radiology will be merging the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Hospital Diagnostic Radiology Residencies into a single Penn Radiology Residency program.

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The new Penn Medicine Radiology Residency program will leverage the rich history of the first medical school in America (Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania) and first hospital in America (Pennsylvania Hospital) into a single Penn Radiology Residency.

The program will feature the vast resources of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, complemented by the intimate environment at Pennsylvania Hospital and offer the richest radiology residency experience in the United States, all within a two-mile radius that includes our downtown campuses. The program scale provides the opportunity to support multiple unique tracks including a Research Track, a Business and Innovation Track, a TEACH Track, a Healthcare Leadership in Quality Track, as well as opportunities in Informatics and Global Health.

Two residencies are offered at Penn Radiology:

  • Diagnostic Radiology (Clinical and Research Tracks)
  • Interventional Radiology - Integrated

Admission to these programs is through the NRMP match with separate match codes for each. Candidates may rank one or all. For the 2020 match, we will offer the following:

  • Diagnostic Radiology
    • 3 Research positions
    • 10 Clinical positions
  • Interventional Radiology - Integrated
    • Four positions

Diagnostic Radiology Residency

The diagnostic radiology residency at Penn Medicine is composed of two distinct tracks: Clinical and Research.

Interventional Radiology Integrated Residency

Penn Medicine's Department of Radiology offers a dual-certificate IR/DR integrated residency.

Clinical Experience

Penn Radiology offers a rich clinical training experience with world-class teaching at the workstation, daily conferences by experts in the field, and rigorous independent call experiences.

Special Programs

These special resident programs are designed to nurture career, research, leadership and advocacy interests in the field of radiology.

Radiology Residency Program Benefits

We provide a number of additional benefits to support residents throughout their residency and beyond with respect to personal and career development.

Resident Placements

See a list of our placements from the Penn Radiology Residency Program.

Current Residents

Penn Radiology Residency Programs attract medical school graduates from all over the world.

Penn Radiology Resident Life

Penn Radiology residents are much more than postgraduate trainees. They're family.

Residency Application Process and Interviews

Our residency training program is nationally known for its unique programs, training radiologists in both clinical and non-clinical environments.

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