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Global Health Track Mini-Fellowship

The Global Health Track Mini-Fellowship is a unique pathway offered at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania that is designed to promote physician advocacy and service to global health through collaborations with the local community and our global partners. In conjunction with the Global Health Equities Residency Track at the University of Pennsylvania, this mini-fellowship provides educational opportunities that nurture and train health professionals to address health disparities on both a domestic and global level.

The track is structured as a 4.5-month mini-fellowship that begins in PGY-5 and extends to PGY-6 during radiology fellowship. The mini-fellowship includes an opportunity to travel abroad to Botswana for six weeks during PGY-5 and for an additional month during PGY-6. This longitudinal experience at a main public hospital in Botswana enables trainees to build a sustainable healthcare model and provide direct clinical care of patients on an international level. Specifically, trainees of the global health track work to optimize radiology services for the public in a developing country. In preparation for global health work abroad, trainees participate in an intensive five-week long course exploring contextual issues in global health and examining strategies used to address global health issues. This course also includes essential field skills training in emergency ultrasound and echocardiography. Trainees in the mini-fellowship also serve in a community-based continuity clinic project for two weeks. This hands-on experience helps bring radiology services to an underserved population within the local community.

Throughout the global health mini-fellowship, there are lecture series, potluck meals, and journal clubs where trainees can interact with experts in the fields of health equity, share ideas with one another, and expand one's knowledge in global health. Radiology residents who are not able to participate in the entire 4.5-month program have the option to just complete a travel abroad rotation at Botswana or attend several weeks of the track's introductory course work to global health. In addition, all residents with an interest in global health are welcome to join in on the potluck meals and journal clubs offered through the mini-fellowship and organized by the radiology residents' Global Health Interest Group.


Global Health Interest Group

The Penn Radiology Residency Program has its own Global Health Interest Group which meets on a regular basis to discuss and provide feedback on the radiology residents’ various global health endeavors. This Global Health Interest Group also helps coordinate radiology-specific international journal clubs, including a semi-annual web-based joint journal club session with Nepali radiology residents from the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital. These joint journal club sessions with the Nepali radiology residency serve to promote understanding and appreciation of both programs’ distinct radiology practices, workflows, and case mixes.

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