Department of Radiology

The Penn Diagnostic Radiology Residency program has a wide range of unique programs to suit the diverse interests of its residents. These special resident programs are designed to nurture career, research, leadership and advocacy interests in the field of radiology. Many residents combine multiple special programs as part of an enriching residency experience leading into fellowship and preparing them for exciting and successful careers in radiology.

  • BAIR

    The Business and Innovation of Radiology (BAIR) track at Penn Radiology is a longitudinal program designed to be completed throughout the four years of radiology residency.

  • Global Health

    There has been continued growing interest in global health with radiologists across the world working to advance healthcare equity and to address medical imaging needs. Our radiology residency program offers multiple opportunities for resident engagement in global health.


    The HTBAR Program ("How to be an Academic Radiologist") is designed to help residents develop research skills, identify mentors and initiate research projects while gaining further insight into the diverse array of possible career paths within the field of academic radiology.

  • Radiology Imaging Informatics Fellowship

    Informatics is increasingly important within the radiology community. Residents in the Penn Radiology Residency program have the opportunity to participate in a new Imaging Informatics Fellowship during their fourth or fifth years, in combination with other clinical fellowships within the department

  • Quality and Safety

    The Penn Radiology residency program is committed to developing leaders in quality and safety for the improvement of patient care and outcomes. Each year two residents take part in the Healthcare Leadership in Quality Track.

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