Department of Radiology

HUP 2017-2018 Diagnostic Residency Team Photo

The program's structure provides a curriculum over three years that will provide each resident with a strong background in all aspects of radiology, both clinical and non-clinical, and will assure the resident's success in mastering general radiology and the new "Core Exam".

The program's fourth year is flexible, allowing residents to pursue creative individual interests. Residents can use the year to develop broad clinical and radiological expertise in a specific subspecialty as part of a two-year subspecialty fellowship program. Residents may elect to pursue our ABR approved 16 month pathway to certification in Nuclear Radiology as well as our ACGME approved ESIR program. Alternatively, an individualized program can be created in conjunction with the program director. The program fosters and facilitates original research by residents throughout each stage of their training.

We invite you to apply.

  • Clinical Track

    The preferred traditional clinical track is a five-year program consisting of a three year core curriculum followed by a focused fourth year that is part of one of our many two year programs/fellowships that are offered.

  • Research Track

    The research track of the diagnostic radiology residency program allows candidates to spend virtually their entire fourth year of residency pursuing research.

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