Department of Radiology

Please contact us for additional information about the program. We look forward to speaking with you.

Staff Contacts

Michael Pallanti, B.S., RT(R)
Interim Program Director
Phone: 215-662-7511

Anthony Festa, B.S., RT(MR)
MRI Internship Director
Phone: 215-662-6877

Christina McCormack, M.Ed., RT(R)(CT)
CT Internship Director / RT Clinical Coordinator
Phone: 215-615-1703

Adjunct Faculty

Joyce Dees, RT(R)(M)
ACR/QC Coordinator
Phone: 215-349-5862

Scott Cupp
Diagnostic Imaging Physicist
Phone: 215-662-3081

RT Education Coordinator

Darrell Carson
Phone: 215-662-7825

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