• Over 13,000 clinical MR exams/year at HUP, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and our community radiology centers.
  • 8 clinical 1.5T scanners including Siemens Avanto, Essenza, Espree and General Electric 1.5 T optima systems.
  • 4 clinical whole body 3.0T scanners including two Siemens Verio, Skyra and Tim Trio systems.
  • 3 whole-body research magnets 1.5, 3.0 and 7T Siemens Avanto, Tim Trio and Magnetom, respectively.
  • 2 small bore animal systems (4.7T, 9.4T)
  • Multiple monitor and dual monitor General Electric PACS workstations.
  • TeraRecon Thin Client access at each reading station.

Clinical and Research Interests

  • Clinical applications, coil development and technique optimization for abdominal and pelvic MRI.
  • Clinical research interests include prostate MR, female pelvis, liver, adrenal and renal MR, and use of MR elastography vs US elastography.

Fellowship MR Rotation Goals

  • Understand the most recent technologic advances and the diagnostic capabilities of MRI
  • Establish criteria for patient selection and the appropriate use of MRI
  • Incorporate both established and newer MRI techniques into their practice
  • Improve their utilization of MRI for numerous clinical indirections
  • Learn the latest advances in specialized MRI techniques such as diffusion-weighted images, MR elastography and dynamic contrast enhanced imaging.
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