Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care

Investigators in the pulmonary division are involved in both basic and clinical research relating to interstitial lung diseases.

Milton Rossman, MD heads the interstitial lung disease clinical program, which runs a variety of translational trials that explore pathogenesis and treatment for ILD and sarcoidosis.

Specific faculty projects include:

Jason Christie, MD and Michael Beers, MD
  • Detection of surfactant mutations and the development of ILD

Ellen Puré, PhD (Wistar Institute)
  • Role of fibroblast activating protein in the pathogenesis of interstitial lung disease

Milton Rossman, MD and Mary Kreider, MD, MSCE
  • Epidemiology and Identification of risk factors for the development of Interstitial Lung Diseases and for poor outcome.
  • Drug trials with novel agents for the treatment of ILD and sarcoidois
  • Development of a clinical and biological sample repository

Gregory Tino, MD
  • Evaluation of new therapeutic agents for the treatment of ILD
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