Pulmonary fellows at Penn progress through individually tailored programs that prepare them for eligibility for the pulmonary, critical care, and/or sleep boards of the ABIM. For example, to be eligible for both the Pulmonary and Critical Care boards, fellows will train for three and a half years. The first 18 months of training are focused on clinical training in pulmonary medicine and critical care training, and the final 24 months are dedicated to research. Many pursue additional research career development beyond fellowship training as instructors in Medicine. The training sequence is flexible. To be board-eligible in sleep medicine as well, the fellow must participate in an additional year of clinical sleep training.

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) serves as home base for clinical fellowship training. HUP, a 695-bed teaching hospital located on the university campus, was the first hospital in the nation to provide bedside training for medical students. The hospital functions as a primary care center for the neighboring inner-city community and provides tertiary referral care to patients from the region as well as across the nation. HUP has distinguished itself through its multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

Fellowship training also takes place at the Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC) and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. The VA is located across the street from HUP and serves a major role in clinical training. Penn Presbyterian is a community and tertiary care hospital situated five blocks from HUP and fully integrated into Penn's clinical activities.

Training Pathways - Year One

Rotation Research Scholar Clinician Scholar
HUP MICU 3 months 3 months
Donner 3 1 month 1 month
HUP Consults 1.5 months 1.5 months
VA 1.5 months 1.5 months
PDS 1.5 month 1.5 month
CCOPS 0.5 month 0.5 month
IPulm 0.5 month 0.5 month
PAH 0.5 month 0.5 month
Kotloff 1 month 0.5 month
LTAC 0.5 month 0.5 month
Presby consults 0.5 month 0.5 month

Training Pathways - Years Two and Three

Rotation Research Scholar Clinician Scholar
Trauma SICU 1 month 1 month
NICU 1 month 1 month
Presby MICU 1 month 1 month
Ipulm 1 month 1 month
Kotloff 0.5 month 0.5 month
Presby consults 0.5 month 1 month
LTAC 0 month 0.5 month
CCOPS 0 month 0.5 month
CC elective 0.5 month 3 months
Pulm elective 0.5 month 2.5 months

  • Ambulatory Care Training

    Training in outpatient medicine is a major component of the fellowship experience at Penn.

  • Core Pulmonary Training

    All fellows complete 18 months of intensive training in clinical pulmonary medicine and critical care.

  • Advanced Fellowship Pathways

    Fellows may explore training in other specialized clinical areas.

  • Teaching Conferences

    Conferences represent an important educational component in fellowship training and complement the hands-on experience obtained at the bedside.

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