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The University of Pennsylvania Infectious Diseases Division affirms our commitment to maintain the highest standards of clinical care; to work to advance our understanding, treatment, and prevention of disease; and to create an environment of educational excellence through the following principles. We will:

  • Provide compassionate clinical care to all of our patients, without bias or judgment, which is based upon the best evidence and standards of practice.
  • Promote scientific discovery though cutting edge investigative programs in disease pathogenesis, epidemiology, prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and policy making.
  • Develop the next generation of leaders in Infectious Diseases through clinical and research training and mentoring that values the goals, needs, and personal development of our trainees and students.
  • Work with our staff and partners in care, research, and administration in a way that recognizes their contributions to our mission and success.

These commitments are made with the goals of fostering a supportive environment that priorities emotional, social and physical well-being of ourselves and others; promoting a diverse and inclusive community that aims to eliminate historical inequities of all types; and advocating for social justice locally, nationally, and internationally.

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