Division of Hematology and Oncology

In collaboration, investigators from a broad range of specialties perform studies to find new treatment management protocols for melanoma.

Program Leader:

The Melanoma Program seeks to understand and describe tumor progression in melanocytic neoplasia, and to test novel approaches to reverse the current trend of increasing incidence and mortality from malignant melanoma. To achieve this goal, the program brings together investigators from a broad range of disciplines and departments to conduct collaborative research projects and provides these investigators with the resources needed to address their individual questions.

The primary aims of the Melanoma Program are to:

  • Understand the genetic and molecular mechanisms, biology, clinical expression, and epidemiology of tumor progression in a single human neoplastic system, malignant melanoma and its precursor lesions. 
  • Translate therapeutic approaches evolved and tested in the preclinical arena to their practical application, both in strategies of primary and secondary prevention and in therapy of disseminated disease.

Through its intense study of a single neoplastic disease that is emblematic of neoplastic development, this long-standing research program also seeks to serve the research needs of the broader community of cancer researchers.

Medical oncologists involved in the management of melanoma include:

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