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This group uses social scientific theory and methods to study aspects of perioperative care including therapeutic decision making, clinical interaction, and patient expectations.

Lee Fleisher headshotLee Fleisher, MD, is an anesthesiologist who studies the assessment of perioperative cardiovascular risk, the development of healthcare quality metrics, and, most recently, the role of culture in healthcare delivery.

Justin_Clapp headshotJustin Clapp, PhD, MPH, is a medical/linguistic anthropologist whose work concentrates on medical (particularly perioperative) decision making, social interaction in clinical settings, and the theory and methods of qualitative research.

Rachel Hadler, MD, is an anesthesiologist-intensivist with a research focus on palliative care including end-of-life decision making, communication between physicians and surrogates, and how patients and their families understand life support technologies.

Sushila Murthy, MD, MPH, is an anesthesiologist whose research focuses on surgical decision making, particularly in older surgical patients, with the goal of understanding how preoperative and postoperative services can best be aligned with these patients’ values and preferences.

Meghan Lane-Fall, MD, MSHP, is an anesthesiologist-intensivist with a mixed methods research program on medical teamwork and communication, specifically critical care handoffs and the improvement of transitions of care for patients who have survived critical illness.

Alexander Arriaga, MD, MPH, ScD, is an anesthesiologist whose research specializes in the assessment and improvement of perioperative safety, medical teamwork, and quantitative and simulative methods.

J. Sanford (Sandy) Schwartz, MD, is an internist and health services researcher whose work focuses on medical decision making, the diffusion of medical innovation, and assessment of the clinical and cost effectiveness of medical interventions.

Charles Bosk, PhD, is a medical sociologist whose research focuses on the culture of medicine, in particular on decision making in uncertain conditions, medical error, the implementation of safety-related policy, and the sociology of bioethics.

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