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During the 2020-21 academic year, the Department will be developing a 3-5 year strategic plan for inclusion, diversity, equity, and antiracism. This plan will be developed with the help of the IDEA Committee and the other PSOM vice chairs of diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

As we develop our strategic plan, we will be guided by the following animating questions:

Overall iconOverall Department

  • What is a necessary and/or adequate response to IDEA concepts as perceived by DACC members?
  • How is pay equity achieved in both base and incentive pay?
  • How are Diversity Search Advisors trained and held accountable?
  • How is bias mitigated in dCOAP deliberations?
  • What is the departmental approach to facilitating reporting of microaggressions and microinequities?

Clinical IconClinical Mission

  • To what extent are our clinical outcomes interrogated by patient race, gender, or other categories known to be associated with outcomes?
  • What is the Department’s stance on race/gender-based provider requests from patients?
  • To what extent does our clinical practice rely on or reinforce clinically invalid racial distinctions (e.g., GFR estimations, CT surgery risk calculations)?

Educational iconEducational Mission

  • How is bias in faculty and resident evaluations assessed and mitigated?
  • How do residency and fellowship curricula address IDEA concepts? How are the ACGME CPRs VI.A.1.b).(1).(a) and VI.A.1.b).(3).(a).(1) satisfied?
  • How is bias mitigated in residency and fellowship candidate evaluations?
  • How are program directors held accountable?
  • How are faculty trained to recognize and address IDEA concerns?

Research iconResearch Mission

  • To what extent does the Department’s research portfolio address equity in care and outcomes?
  • To what extent does our research reinforce scientifically invalid racial distinctions?
  • How are PIs held accountable for diversity, inclusion, and equity in their lab groups?
  • How are junior lab members shielded from retaliation?
  • How is resident research time allocated? How is bias in the allotment
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