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Medical aesthetician Jeanne Vos makes herself available to her patients at any time by text, phone, or email. She wants to be there for their needs because in many cases, these are people she has worked with over her whole career at Penn Medicine—16 years.

“My ultimate goal is for both of us to feel confident that they’re in the best place, where they want to be. Some will still ask what else we can do. They’ve aged, and they know technology has advanced. Being able to grow together at each stage and look at where we are and where we still can go is exciting, for them and for me,” Jeanne says.

Her relationships with her patients motivates Jeanne to keep going every day. She began her career in medicine as an anesthesiology technician, but when her first child was born, she transitioned to a career in business. She worked in commercial and residential real estate, as well as in the corporate world. By the time she reached age 40, ongoing stress was causing her skin problems. 

After undergoing treatment with a medical aesthetician, she decided to transition back to the medical field.

“I took a leap of faith,” she says.

Patient receiving aesthetic treatment from Jeanne Vos at Penn Plastic Surgery Bryn MawrThat leap eventually landed Jeanne at Penn Medicine, where she immediately found an appreciation for the academic environment, philosophy and goals of Penn’s caring approach to patients.

With each patient, Jeanne begins by assessing their skin condition and talking about their goals. Often, what they end up discussing goes further than skin deep.

“We live in a very anxious world. Everyone who comes into my treatment room has something they want to share with me in terms of how they’re feeling—whether about their personal life, jobs, politics, it’s all coming in,” she says. “Having them walk out the door living and looking their best is what this work is all about.”

In her personal time, Jeanne values travelling and connecting with nature, which in turn helps her reconnect with herself and the people in her life. She also strives to educate herself on ways to live healthier and live holistically. And those views directly impact her work. 

She adds, “What I do with patients is very personal because they’re on a very personal journey. It’s about so much more than a peel.”

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