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Penn Cosmetic Surgery

Woman showing sagging tricep

If you have excess skin or fat in the arm area, you may be familiar with the associated challenges: irritation, reduced mobility and an inability to wear certain clothes. Or you may not experience those challenges, but simply want to return to the way your arms looked when you were younger.

For a smoother contour and better-proportioned upper body, our arm lift cosmetic procedure may be right for you. This surgery can:

  • Reduce or remove sagging, excess skin
  • Reshape your arm to create smoother skin and contours
  • Create a more toned, symmetrical appearance

The Penn Experience

What to expect before, during and after an arm lift procedure

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss your unique cosmetic transformation goals, as well as the steps of the procedure, which may include liposuction.

You’ll receive instructions on how to prepare and help your surgery go smoothly, including any foods, drinks and medications to avoid.

During surgery, your plastic surgeon will remove extra skin along the arms, and may use liposuction to enhance the overall contour. Typically, this outpatient procedure takes place under general anesthesia.

Following surgery, you’ll wear compression bandages to support your new contours through the healing process. Many people return to work after three weeks, but full recovery typically takes six weeks.

Your care team will follow up with you to make sure you’re avoiding strenuous activities and heavy lifting. Discomfort plays a role in the recovery process, but can be managed through medications your surgeon prescribes.

Arm lift costs

The cost of an arm lift varies based on your specific treatment goals and other services you may also undergo. Your surgeon will discuss the cost of your arm lift with you during your consultation.

Arm lift procedure risks

Arm lift surgery, like all surgery, comes with a risk of complications, even though arm lift surgery itself is typically very safe. Your surgeon and care team will check in with you throughout the healing process and are always available to answer any of your concerns.

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