Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dear Patient,

Throughout our careers as physicians, we've encountered many situations where we've needed to make life-saving decisions quickly. While we've never experienced a crisis of this magnitude, we draw upon those experiences to help guide our actions as we move forward calmly and resolutely.

During the pandemic, Penn Medicine has been well prepared. We secured enough face masks and other personal protective equipment to safely care for all patients and protect our staff. We've pivoted to providing chemotherapy to some cancer patients in their homes and conducted more than 300,000 telemedicine visits, and counting. And we've been there for our youngest patients – safely delivering nearly 4,000 babies since March 1, a reminder that life, indeed, goes on.

Our team now brings the same commitment we brought to fight COVID-19 as we resume essential services for patients who delayed care and whose needs can no longer wait. We are doing so with the same laser focus on safety that has made us national leaders in quality care.

We've put extra precautions in place at our hospitals and facilities. We've created COVID-19 dedicated units that are physically separated from units caring for patients with other types of health care needs. Our waiting rooms and other spaces are rigorously cleaned and have been reconfigured to maximize social distancing. If there is a safeguard available, you can be assured we have put it in place. Learn more about what we're doing to keep you safe on our COVID-19 website, and as always, call your doctor if you have questions about the best way for you to access the care you need.

Each day, we are strengthened by the resilience and dedication of our teams. We've watched the Penn Medicine community come together – the physicians and nurses demonstrating a tireless commitment to patients, the environmental services staff who are keeping our operating rooms and testing sites clean, the construction crews who built 120 hospital rooms in less than a month in case we needed them, and so many others – and we are reassured that Penn Medicine will come out of this stronger than ever.

We want to recognize the compassion and support you're showing us too. We appreciate every meal you've sponsored for our staff, every hour you've stayed home to help flatten the curve, and every time you've shopped for groceries or a prescription for an elderly neighbor to help keep them safe. On behalf of Penn Medicine, and all of our physician partners who care for patients in our communities: Thank you.


Signature of Dr. Patrick Brennan

Patrick J. Brennan, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of the University of Pennsylvania Health System

Signature of Dr. Deborah Driscoll

Deborah A. Driscoll, MD
Senior Vice President, Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania

Signature of Dr. Peter Quinn

Peter D. Quinn, DMD, MD
Chief Physician Executive, Penn Medicine Medical Group

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