The Penn Medicine Administrative Fellowship is a two-year fellowship, allowing Fellows time to get involved in a mixture of short-term and longer-term projects, participate in a 3-6 month interim management role, and work with a variety of leaders across the system.

"The administrative fellowship allows fellows the opportunity to be an integral part of the senior management team, working on upper-level projects and getting real exposure to senior management. Most other fellowships have a 'learn by watching' approach, whereas Penn Medicine has a 'learn by doing' approach." — Sarah Brewer, MHA, MBA
Administrative Fellow 2004-2006
Currently with Emory University School of Medicine

Under the guidance of the fellowship program preceptor, the Senior Executive Advisor, Fellows select projects that are both meaningful to Penn Medicine goals, as well as align with their specific career needs. Each project has a specific preceptor to give Fellows the ability to facilitate, lead and manage cross-functional, complex work streams. Additionally, the Penn Medicine Fellow is considered a part of the leadership team, attending and participating in sessions at the system level and across the entities.

At the end of the program, Fellows should have gained an understanding of clinical operations in the hospital and ambulatory environment, as well as had the opportunity to work in areas such as finance, business/network development, performance improvement, human resources, patient safety/quality, physician relations and marketing/communications.

Administrative Fellows, 2013
Former Administrative Fellows, with Garry Scheib, Senior Executive Advisor (second from right) - July 2013

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