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Penile Cancer Diagnosis

Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center's urologic oncologists understand an accurate and quick diagnosis of penile cancer is the key to offering the best cancer treatment options in a timely and efficient manner.

A urologic oncologist is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of urologic cancers, such as penile cancer. At Penn, our urologic cancer specialists have extensive experience in urologic surgery, radiation and medical oncology cancer research, and are leading the way in developing new treatments for penile cancer.

At the Abramson Cancer Center, you will benefit from a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists within the urologic cancer program including urologists, urologic surgeons, radiologists, and pathologists who work together to provide an accurate diagnosis. After a diagnosis has been made, we develop an appropriate treatment plan that is customized specifically for you.

Diagnosing Penile Cancer

If physicians suspect penile cancer, they perform a physical exam to look for lumps, or anything else abnormal. A physician may also order a biopsy, in which a sample of tissue is removed from the penis and examined under a microscope by a pathologist to determine if the cells are malignant (cancerous).

Our cancer specialists are highly experienced in using the most advanced techniques for diagnosing penile cancer and are actively researching better and more precise ways to detect penile cancer.

Screening for Penile Cancer

Screening tests may be used to find some types of cancer early. Some screening tests, such as colonoscopies for colorectal cancer, are standard or routine. Other screening tests may be recommended only if a person has an increased risk for cancer. Currently, there is no routine screening exam recommended for penile cancer.

Navigating a penile cancer diagnosis and treatment options can be difficult. If you receive a cancer diagnosis, our cancer nurses are available and ready to help connect you with the right physician.

To connect with a cancer nurse at Penn Medicine, call 800-789-7366 (PENN).

Staging Penile Cancer

Staging penile cancer can help physicians at the Abramson Cancer Center create a treatment plan designed specifically for you.