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Living Well After CLL

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Survivorship

Survivorship programs at Penn Medicine are a distinct phase of care and are designed to help you transition from a cancer treatment routine to a post-cancer care lifestyle.

And, if your CLL is slow growing, our survivorship team can help you with tools to support you.

There are millions of cancer survivors living and thriving today as a result of advances in cancer treatment. However, cancer treatments can result in physical, emotional and financial complications long after the therapy is complete.

Personalized Survivorship Care

At the end of treatment, you'll schedule a survivorship visit with your oncologist and nurse practitioner. At this time, you're provided with a summary of the treatment you received as well as a plan for follow-up care.

We will work with you to develop survivorship care plans. Since every cancer is unique, the plans are tailored to you.

The survivorship care plan includes information about:

  • Potential long-term or late side effects of cancer treatment, bone marrow/stem cell transplant, symptoms and treatments
  • Recommendations for cancer screening for disease relapse or a new cancer
  • Psychosocial effects, including relationships and sexuality
  • Planning follow-up visits

A survivorship care plan encourages you to become an active participant in your follow-up care.

Continued Support

The Abramson Cancer Center has materials and hosts a wide range of activities that provide education and support to address key areas of concern including survivorship for you and your loved ones.

Our Focus On Blood Cancer conferences are daylong supportive and educational conferences that address issues for patients with cancer, as well as their loved ones.