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Programs & Centers

Interoperative molecular imaging (TumorGlow™) applied to woman's face

Center for Precision Surgery

The Center for Precision Surgery uses many procedures to more precisely detect and remove cancerous tumors, including intraoperative molecular imaging which involves a special dye that causes cancerous tumors to glow.

Illustration of DNA and microscope

Gastrointestinal Cancer Genetics Program

The Penn Medicine Gastrointestinal Cancer Genetics and Risk Evaluation programs provide both screening and medical care for patients who have or are at risk of having a hereditary gastrointestinal or polyposis syndrome.

Geriatric Cancer Detremont

Geriatric Oncology Program

Penn Medicine’s Geriatric Oncology Program provides symptom management and support for older adults with cancer.

Woman wearing a scarf

Gynecologic Oncology Program

Penn’s Gynecologic Oncology Program provides advanced technology and expertise for diagnosing and treating cancers of the female reproductive system.

female and male physicians

HIV Oncology Program

Penn Medicine’s HIV Oncology Program provides multidisciplinary treatment to individuals with HIV-related malignancies.

Joan Karnell Counseling

Joan Karnell Supportive Care Program

The team at the Joan Karnell Supportive Care Program at Pennsylvania Hospital helps patients and their families cope with the physical, emotional and psychological stress of a cancer diagnosis.