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BRCAbeat: 2016 Winter Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on the Strong family, Vice President Biden's visit to the Abramson Cancer Center, the latest Global Prize winner and our Jewish outreach poster campaign. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2015 Fall Special Issue

The Basser Center reports on the success of the inaugural Basser Jean Bash and the launch of the limited stock of rag & bone/ JEAN x Basser jeans. Read more. 

BRCAbeat: 2015 Summer Special Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on the Basser Center's inaugural Breakthroughs and Discoveries event and the 3rd Annual Scientific Symposium. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2015 Spring Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on University of Pennsylvania alumnae Michael Sand and Ilana Katz Sand, new research about the location of BRCA mutations and Ronny Drapkin, MD, PhD joining the Basser team. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2015 Spring Special Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on The New York Times op-ed by Angelina Jolie Pitt about her choice to undergo risk reducing surgery.Read more. 

BRCAbeat: 2015 Winter Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on the Protect Your Girls event, features the Vonderheide research team, new treatment for BRCA-related ovarian cancer and National Cancer Prevention Month. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2014 Winter Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on the Konner family, our 2014 matching gift donors, and features a research roundup and event podcast. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2014 Fall Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on donors Eric and Sara Resnick and recent developments at the Basser Center, including the announcement of the 2014 Global Prize and Basser Grants winners. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2014 Summer Issue

The Basser Center for BRCA is pleased to share with you the incredible progress that has been made since our establishment.Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2014 Spring Issue

The BRCAbeat reports on donors Shari and Len Potter and the recent Basser Scientific Symposium, where Alan Ashworth, FRS was honored with the Basser Global Prize. Read more.

Homologous Hope Sculpture Unveiled: BRCAbeat Special Edition

BRCAbeat recap of the exciting unveiling of the Homologous Hope Sculpture. Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2014 Winter Issue

Basser's e-newsletter reports on donors Herbert and Betty Adelman and other important center updates. Read more.

Angela Jolie - My Medical Choice: BRCAbeat Special Edition

BRCAbeat recap of the Basser Center in news coverage of Angelina Jolie's "My Medical Choice.' Read more.

BRCAbeat: 2013 Spring Issue

Basser's e-newsletter reports on donor Andy Cohen and research updates. Read more.

BRCAbeat: Inaugural Issue, Winter 2013

Basser's e-newsletter reports on Basser opening celebrations and research updates. Read more.

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