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Refer your patients to Abramson Cancer Center to ensure they receive the quality, personalized care they deserve. Our World-class, interdisciplinary team of cancer experts will work closely with you and give your patients access to the latest preventive care, diagnostic services and treatments. 

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Physician Liaisons

Our dedicated Physician Liaisons act as the primary resource to both referring and non-referring physicians, provide information about Penn Medicine’s physicians and programs, and enhance communication between referring physicians and Penn Medicine cancer specialists. 

Headshot of Donna Seeger, Physician Liason

Donna Seeger

Physician Liaison, Cancer & Surgery

Referring Your Patient? Here’s What We’ll Need:

  • Name of the patient
  • Name of the referring physician, office address, telephone and fax numbers
  • Diagnosis
  • Date of diagnosis
  • How the diagnosis was made (physical exam, biopsy, other)
  • What treatment, if any, has taken place
  • Over what time period the treatment has occurred
  • Patient’s telephone number
  • Patient’s insurance information

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