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Cancer Imaging Core

Directors: David Mankoff, MD, PhD and Mark Rosen, MD, PhD

The Cancer Imaging Core serves ACC investigators with cancer-related clinical trials and translational research that involve imaging biomarkers and/or imaging-related endpoints. The overarching goals of the Core are to facilitate and support the use of high quality, advanced imaging modalities in clinical trials by providing easily accessed, reliable, reproducible, timely and validated imaging data and results in a timely and cost-effective manner. In addition to scientific imaging consultation, the Core provides protocol development services, standardized data acquisition methods for cancer imaging trials, and expert image response assessment analyses. The Core supports investigator access to a variety of cancer imaging methods, both standard clinical imaging studies and novel cancer imaging methods developed by Penn investigators, e.g., cancer imaging biomarker methods.

The Core’s objectives are to: 1) provide high quality consistent image acquisition processes and image analysis for cancer clinical trials involving imaging endpoints; 2) assist with protocol development, submission and activation of cancer clinical trials that involve imaging modalities; 3) provide scientific consultation to clinical investigators on the most appropriate cancer imaging methods to meet scientific needs; and 4) direct investigators to the appropriate choice of both standard and advanced imaging methodologies in ACC clinical investigations.


David Mankoff, MD, PhD (Areas of expertise: Nuclear Medicine, PET, Molecular and Experimental Imaging)

Mark Rosen, MD, PhD (Areas of expertise: Body Imaging, MRI, Imaging Response Assessment, Imaging Core Labs)

Kathleen Thomas (Clinical Research Manager)

Erin Schubert (Administrative Director)