Cancer Histology Core

The Cancer Histology Core is a research-oriented shared resource supported by the Abramson Cancer Center. It offers all histology-related services to all members of the Abramson Cancer Center with high quality, low cost, fast turnout, and easy interaction.

The Cancer Histology Core offers the following services:

  • Basic EM sample preparation
  • Cryosections
  • Immunolabeling of selected antigens
  • Research sample preparation, including paraffin embedding, sectioning, and HE staining
  • Special histochemical staining

In addition to these laboratory services, the Core provides consulting for investigators in areas including:

  • Assistance in development of grant proposals requiring histotechnology
  • Experimental design
  • Group teaching and seminars on histo-preparation
  • Histologic sample collection
  • Protocol development and testing

The Cancer Histology Core is located in Biomedical Research Building (BRB) II/III, Room 549.


Tianying Jiang, PhD
Phone: 215-573-0769

You can also visit the Core's website:

In Memoriam: Qian-Chun Yu, MD, PhD [1950-2016]