Tumor Virology Program

Program Leader: Erle Robertson, PhD

The Tumor Virology Program serves as the central forum for facilitating interactions among virologists involved in cancer-related research, and investigators with an interest in the etiological basis of cancer. Program members have broad expertise in the biology of tumor viruses, including EBV, KSHV, alpha and beta herpesvirus, HPV, HCV, HIV and other retroviruses, as well as emerging viral agents including Merkel cell polyoma viruses and other recently identified gamma-herpesviruses. The Program facilitates research in thematic areas through highly interactive and productive affinity groups in Viral Oncogenesis, DNA Virology, and Viral Receptors and Retrovirology.

The major aims of the Program are to:

  • Understand the mechanisms mediating cellular transformation, immortalization and cell cycle dysregulation by viral encoded proteins
  • Understand the viral-receptor interactions and the structure/function of viral receptors
  • Understand the molecular biology and pathogenesis of retroviruses as they relate to AIDS and AIDS-related malignancies
  • Develop viral vectors for human cancer gene therapy
  • Develop vaccine strategies for treatment of viral-associated cancers

Tumor Virology Program Membership

Paul Bates, PhD

Jeff Bergelson, MD

Kyong-Mi Chang, MD

Gary Cohen, PhD

Ronald Collman, MD

Roselyn Eisenberg, PhD

Nigel Fraser, PhD

Harvey Friedman, MD

Glen Gaulton, PhD

James Hoxie, MD

Dennis Kolson, MD, PhD

Robert Ricciardi, MA, PhD

Erle Robertson, PhD

George Shaw, MD, PhD

Susan Weiss, PhD

Drew Weissman, MD, PhD

Matthew Weitzman, PhD

Elizabeth White, PhD

Jianxin You, PhD

Yan Yuan, PhD