Recruitment, Outcomes, and Assessment Resource (ROAR)

The Recruitment, Outcomes, and Assessment Resource (ROAR) is a shared resource operating out of the University of Pennsylvania's Abramson Cancer Center, dedicated to supporting investigators with participant recruitment, retention, and outreach.

ROAR's goals are to develop resources for population and clinical/transitional research that will:

  • Avoid inefficiency in the development and execution of these studies
  • Enable observational, behavioral, clinical translation and interventional studies
  • Enhance collaborative, multidisciplinary population research

The core has specific expertise in the recruitment and retention of hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations, and services are available from a project's inception through its execution and conclusion.

ROAR provides assistance developing recruitment and retention plans for both internal submissions (for example, to the Internal Review Boards and the Clinical Trials Scientific Review Committee) and for external entities. The core also offers assistance in creating specific recruitment materials tailored to the target population.

Investigators seeking to optimize recruitment and retention of existing projects can take advantage of ROAR's observation and feedback service. ROAR can work with investigators and their staff to pinpoint barriers and challenges and develop solutions.

To schedule a free consultation meeting with ROAR, contact the Research Manager, Sheila Kelly, at