At Penn Medicine, we are committed to maintaining our reputation as a world-leading institution in patient care. Together we believe that serving patient needs is best accomplished with a well-structured, well-integrated patient care approach. We are continuously raising the bar and setting system-wide goals to ensure we meet the demands of the future. 

Understanding the Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety

To eliminate preventable deaths and 30-day readmissions, Penn Medicine has developed a Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety representing an unprecedented commitment to quality improvement and patient safety. The blueprint includes many musts, including the promise to always deliver patient and family-centered care and to always ensure a seamless transition in a patient’s care throughout the organization.

There are five imperatives to the blueprint. They are:

  1. Increase accountability that spans all areas of Penn
  2. Increase patient and family involvement in all patient care related areas
  3. Continue to improve coordination of care processes ensuring seamless transition of care
  4. Reduce unnecessary variations in care
  5. Strengthen organizational capacity for continuous improvement
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