Penn Transplant Institute

Kidney Transplant Research and Clinical Trials

Penn's active research and clinical trials provide additional resources for kidney transplant patients. See below for kidney transplantation clinical trials conducted at Penn.

A Phase 2 Double-Blind, Double-dummy, Multicenter, Prospective, Randomized Study of the Pharmacokinetics of LCP-Tacro Tablets, Once-Daily, Compared to Prograf Capsules, Twice-daily, for the Prevention of Acute Allograft Rejection in De Novo Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients
Clinical trials in organ transplantation (CTOT)
End Stage Disease and Mortality after Kidney Donation: A Determination of Incidence
Determination of Sensitization after Transplant Nephrectomy
The Impact of Donor Hemodynamic Events on Kidney and Liver Allograft Outcomes in Donation after Cardiac Death Donors
Effect of Thymoglobulin versus Basiliximab on Regulatory T Cell Function in Live Donor Kidney Transplant Recipients
Solid Organ Transplant After Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT)

For more information about clinical trials at the Penn Transplant Institute, see Research & Clinical Trials.