Penn Transplant Institute

Organ Transplants at Penn Medicine

At Penn Medicine, highly trained physicians, nurses, counselors and surgeons work with patients and their families to determine if they are candidates for transplantation, and follow them through post-op care to ensure the transplanted organ is functioning properly.

Transplant Programs

Penn Medicine has been a pioneer in organ transplantation for over 50 years, leading the region in the number of transplants performed. In May 2013, the Penn Transplant Institute became the fourteenth institution in the country and the first in the region to perform 5,000 kidney transplants.

Patients come from the entire East Coast and beyond to benefit from Penn's innovative multidisciplinary approach, which combines the best of surgery and medicine.

Raising Awareness for Organ Donations

The Penn Transplant Institute is dedicated to increasing awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation. Penn supports the Gift of Life Donor Program through such events as the DASH for Organ Awareness and U.S. Transplant Games.

Organ Transplants for Children

For a parent, there is nothing more frightening than being told, "Your child needs an organ transplant." The transplant center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is one of the largest multi-organ pediatric transplant centers in the country and its team members are committed to improving the health and lives of children needing transplants.

Penn surgeons work hand-in-hand with the pediatric transplant specialists in the kidney and liver transplant programs to perform the transplants at CHOP. In addition, the Penn Transplant Institute has established a joint program with CHOP to allow healthy adult relatives to donate organ tissue to children with end-stage kidney or liver disease.