Penn Transplant Institute

The Penn Difference at the Penn Transplant Institute

Why Choose Penn Medicine?

Penn Medicine has been a pioneer in organ transplantation for nearly 50 years, performing its first successful kidney transplant in 1966. The Penn Transplant Institute leads the region in total number of the transplants performed and is ranked among the top 10 multi-organ transplant centers in the country.

Active Living Donor Program

Penn Medicine has been performing living donor kidney transplants since the 1960s and began performing adult-to-adult living donor liver transplants in the 1990s. Living donor transplants reduce the waiting period for a transplant, provide better quality donated organs and offer a better chance of successful outcomes.

Community Outreach

The Penn Transplant Institute is dedicated to increasing awareness of the need for organ and tissue donation. Penn supports the Gift of Life Donor Program through such events as the DASH for Organ Awareness and U.S. Transplant Games.

Pediatric partnership with CHOP

For a parent, there is nothing more frightening than being told, "Your child needs an organ transplant." The transplant center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and the Penn Transplant Institute have been partners for decades in one of the largest multi-organ pediatric transplant centers in the country. The team members are committed to improving the health and lives of children needing transplants.