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A disease that often manifests as severe, localized sweating in the hands and/or armpits, hyperhidrosis has been treated by Penn Thoracic surgeons with excellent results.

While non-surgical options may be successful for some patients, for those that require surgery, our thoracic surgeons have wide experience with “needlescopic” thoracic sympathectomies through tiny incisions.

The Latest Treatments
As leaders in the surgical field, Penn thoracic surgeons can perform thoracic sympathectomies through the use of tiny “needlescopic” video assisted thoracic surgical incisions.

By using this minimally invasive technique, our surgeons not only successfully treat your disease but also can do so in a manner that limits pain and reduces your recovery period. In fact, surgical treatment for hyperhidrosis is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

Experienced Surgeons
At Penn, we’re committed to studying, researching and performing the surgical techniques that offer you the best possible outcomes whether it’s for hyperhidrosis or other thoracic disorders. It’s no wonder then that our surgeons are not only some of the most highly skilled surgeons in the country but also teachers, helping other surgeons learn these advanced techniques.

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