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Whether tumors are malignant or benign, surgery for patients with esophageal disease may be offered for cure or to improve quality of life. Penn thoracic surgeons are experienced in state-of-the-art esophageal surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery that not only offer you the best possible treatment but also limit your pain and discomfort.

The Latest Treatments
As not only leaders but teachers in the field of thoracic surgery, we are experienced in all the different approaches to the resection of the esophagus, including transhiatal, thoracoscopic, and thoracotomy approaches.

We also have wide experience with the removal of benign tumors such as leiomyomas and esophageal cysts, both of which can usually be removed with video assisted thoracic surgery. This technique utilizes three small incisions instead of one major chest incision and typically offers a more rapid postoperative recovery.

Our experience also includes several surgical procedures for the treatment of Zenker’s diverticula.

A Team Approach
And while surgery may be the sole treatment for esophageal tumors in many cases, Penn thoracic surgeons work closely with oncologists and other members of your health care team to determine how surgery can be combined with other forms of treatment to provide you with the best possible outcome in the case of esophageal cancer.

As surgeons, we are committed not only to offering you the latest, most advanced surgical techniques but also providing you with the complete care you need both pre- and post-operatively.


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