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Identified as one of the major U.S. centers for emphysema surgery by our participation in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial, Penn’s thoracic surgery team partners with the Penn Lung Center to offer a comprehensive clinical and research program dedicated to the diagnosis, management and care of patients with emphysema.

As leaders in the surgical treatment of emphysema, our surgeons are experienced in various surgical techniques including lung volume reduction surgery and bullectomy. These may be performed by thoracotomy or minimally invasive VATS.

The Latest Treatments
Lung volume reduction surgery is a surgical technique in which a portion of the most diseased parts of the lung is removed. Designated for its experience with this technique, Penn is one of a select group of the hospitals that participated in the National Emphysema Treatment Trial, which has documented the benefits of lung volume reduction surgery versus other forms of treatment for emphysema. Lung volume reduction surgery has been shown to improve the quality of life and survival in selected emphysema patients.

Bullectomy involves the surgical removal of a bulla, which is a large, distended air space in the lung. This, too, often improves shortness of breath and quality of life in emphysema patients.

Experienced Surgeons
As some of the nation’s leading thoracic surgeons, Penn surgeons are not only experienced in these techniques but can further complete both lung volume reduction surgery and bullectomy using video assisted thoracic surgery, which offers smaller incisions and thus less pain and shorter recovery periods for our patients.


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