Stand Up 2 Cancer

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Stand Up To Cancer: Cancer Fundraising Benefiting Pancreatic Cancer Research at Penn Medicine

  • Dr. Jeffrey Drebin and the Stand Up 2 Cancer Pancreatic Dream team are featured in TIME magazine for their research breakthroughs that have identified new treatment options for patients with pancreatic cancer.

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Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center is second in the United States for cancer research funding from the National Institutes of Health, and in the top five nationally for research funding from the National Cancer Institute.

As part of the Abramson Cancer Center, cancer researchers at Penn Medicine are at the forefront of developing new, personalized approaches to cancer treatment including treatments for pancreatic cancer. Cancer researchers at Penn seek to increase cancer survival rates, discover new cancer causes, and improve cancer prognoses for patients.

It's because of this dedication to cancer research and clinical care for cancer patients that Penn Medicine was chosen as the lead site to coordinate a "dream team" that focuses on pancreatic cancer research and treatment.

The Stand Up To Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Dream Team at Penn Medicine

The Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C or Stand Up 2 Cancer) Dream Team at Penn Medicine supports and contributes to pancreatic cancer research. Together, members of the Stand Up 2 Cancer Dream Team for pancreatic cancer research at Penn are developing tests using advanced imaging technology to understand pancreatic cancer cells and develop new, personalized pancreatic cancer treatments based on their pancreatic cancer research.

Research Breakthroughs at Penn Medicine