Penn Rheumatology

Rheumatology Research

In addition to clinical excellence, the center also supports clinical research. Some of the original research work for pilocarpine (Salagen) and cevimeline (Evoxac), the first prescription medications FDA approved for Sjögren's syndrome, was also conducted at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

Physicians at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center pioneered the development of a nuclear medicine test for Sjögren's syndrome called salivary scintigraphy. Studies are ongoing to determine the diagnostic and prognostic value of this technique.

The Penn Sjögren's Syndrome Center was also one of the three national sites to participate in the international Sjögren's Collaborative Clinical Alliance (SICCA). The biospecimens and information collected in this registry will be made available to other investigators for future basic and clinical research. The Center regularly conducts clinical trials to develop new diagnostic techniques and therapies for Sjögren's syndrome.

Community Events

Every year the Penn Sjögren's Syndrome Center in conjunction with the Philadelphia Regional Chapter of the Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation supports educational and awareness events.