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Proton Therapy Roberts Proton Therapy Center

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The Roberts Proton Therapy Center, the largest and most advanced facility in the world for this precise form of cancer radiation, is housed within Penn Radiation Oncology. Patients have access to one of science's most sophisticated weapons against cancer, seamlessly integrated with a full range of oncology services at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center.

The center's five treatment rooms contain four gantries (90-ton rotational machines) designed to deliver the therapeutic beam at the precise angle prescribed by the physician, and one fixed-beam room. The Roberts Proton Therapy Center has the most advanced options available for patient positioning and comfort, and also includes a separate research room.

Unlike freestanding proton therapy facilities, Penn's Radiation Oncology department offers patients all types of radiation therapy options — as well as access to the latest clinical trials — to treat their disease.

About 75,000-square feet in size, the Roberts Proton Therapy Center is located in a mostly underground building connected to the Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine. As many as 200 patients can be treated each day, making the Roberts Proton Therapy Center the largest such center in the world.