Radiation Oncology


Proton Therapy Cancers Treated with Proton Therapy

Radiation oncologists at Penn are conducting clinical trials of proton therapy for many types of cancer. They believe it will be especially useful in treating:

The Roberts Proton Therapy Center is closely tied to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to improve the treatment of children with cancer, conduct clinical studies to help physicians better understand pediatric cancers and to develop new treatments.

Studies are also under way to determine the effectiveness of proton therapy for treating benign conditions, such as:

Despite its benefits, proton therapy isn't the right choice for every cancer patient. Chemotherapy, surgery, or conventional radiation may be the best treatment for some cancers, and proton therapy is frequently used in conjunction with one or more of these therapies.

Because all of these treatments are offered at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center, located in the Perelman Center, patients receive the most appropriate, effective treatment for their tumors, which often involves care from experts in medical oncology, surgical oncology and other services such as nutrition, in the same convenient location.

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