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Patient Guide Video: What to Expect

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This video guides viewers through the radiation therapy treatment process at Penn Medicine. From consultation through treatment, this video will provide an overview of what to expect as well as an opportunity to meet the radiation oncology team at Penn Medicine.

With a team of world-renowned clinicians and the most advanced technology available, including Proton Therapy, Penn Radiation Oncology offers patients a full range of the highest quality cancer-fighting treatments.

Patient Guide Video: My Experience with Proton Therapy for Head and Neck Cancer

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Filmmaker and Penn Radiation Oncology patient Tom Ashley documented his experience with radiation treatment to help others alleviate fears about their first visit. After he received radiation therapy for a nasal tumor at Penn Radiation Oncology in 2013, Tom wanted to help others going through the same experience.

Tom's tumor required a custom immobilization device (also known as a mask) which is used to help patients remain still and in the same position each time they receive treatment. To better explain the process, Tom brought the camera behind the scenes and documented the experience from his point of view.

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