Radiation Oncology


Gynecologic Cancer

At Penn Medicine, women with gynecologic cancer have access to new and advanced treatment options through ongoing clinical trials in radiation therapy. Current radiation therapy studies specific to gynecologic cancer include:

  • Brachytherapy using MRI for women with cervical cancer.
  • Proton radiotherapy for patients requiring repeat radiation treatment.
  • Proton beam radiotherapy for women with positive para-aortic lymph nodes from cervical cancer.
  • Use of vaginal dilators in preventing long-term vaginal toxicity in patients with endometrial or cervical cancer requiring intracavitary brachytherapy after hysterectomy.

As part of Penn Medicine's commitment to advancing cancer care, radiation oncologists are also interested in understanding how radiation treatment affects the quality of life for cancer patients. An open clinical trial at Penn is collecting information on radiation side effects for patients receiving radiation for non-metastatic cancer - including gynecologic and breast cancer.


Treatment Options